Robohorse Productions is a versatile video-production company specializing in documentary, commercial and remote film-production. We guide our assosiates and clients through the production process from concept to realisation.

We have the experience and equipment to turn your ideas into cutting edge videos.

Some of our satisfied clients include...

We deliver cinema quality video and audio recording sollutions, anywhere in the world. Whether you need a director/producer with his own equipment, a cameraman, a promotional video, support on an upcoming production or just some advice... 

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Klamroths Konter - Political Talkshow - German Television

Camera - Jimmy Purtill / Oliver Hans Wolf / Thorsten Jarek / Erik Koschnik

Lock the Gate alliance - Our water our lifeblood

Camera/Interviews Townsville - Jimmy Purtill Robohorse Productions

Bose - Throught the notes Berlin

Production/Casting/Interviews - Jimmy Purtill - Robohorse Productions

Jack Daniels - Die Snowboard Recycler

Director/Producer - Jimmy Purtill - Robohorse Productions

Vice News - Anti Islamist Riots in Germany

Camera - Jimmy Purtill - Robohorse Productions

Adidas - Supercolor Tour Berlin

Director/Producer - Jimmy Purtill - Robohorse Productions

Jack Daniels - Tätowierte Hände in Bilder

Director/Producer/Camera - Jimmy Purtill - Robohorse Productions

Babbel - Berlin to Venice by bike

Director/Producer/Camera/Editor - Jimmy Purtill


Jimmy Purtill is an accomplished cameraman, editor and producer/director. He has worked extensively for VICE Media’s Berlin office, directing and producing short-form documentaries and commercials, and for German television as a cameraman for news and political talkshows. His production company Robohorse Productions has created and produced several successful advertising campaigns and short-form documentaries.