Our Rotor komet expedition bicycles

A Rotor Komet expedition Bike

A Rotor Komet expedition Bike

Baaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!  The moment we have been waiting for for a long time has arrived. Our amazing, indestructible Rotor Komet expedition bicycles are ready! 

A year ago we were on the front line at the Velo Berlin bicycle expo. I was making presentations on stage, showing films from my last journey, and Pia was handing out the pitch for our new series of films to potential sponsors in the bicycle industry. We were hustling, looking for support, trying to turn an epic and ambitious idea in to reality, with still no solid indicator that it was going to get off the ground.  

And then it came. The first proper result.

After one of my presentations, a man named Sebastian approached me from the audience. He said he liked our films, that he owned a bicycle company called Rotor, and that he wanted to sponsor us, we should come to Leipzig, he would take our measurements and sort us out a couple of bicycles. 

I only vaguely knew of Rotor’s existence. That is because they are a small company who deliver mainly to the German market, and specialise in customised bicycles. Quality not quantity. They can build you anything it is you are looking for, and modify it to be the exact bike you want.

It turns out their flagship bicycle is the Rotor Komet, an expedition bicycle which has been used to circumnavigate the Arctic circle, and cross the frozen Baikal lake in Siberia in winter (temperatures ranging between -14 and -40). We inadvertently ended up in a partnership with a small company who make one of the toughest bikes out there.

Rotor have been very accommodating and helpful to us over the course of our preparations, and put in a good word which has helped us enter partnerships with companies producing some of the best equipment out there for long distance bicycle touring.

Thanks Sebastian and the boys at Rotor for all your support, your confidence in our project, and these truly badass bicycles.  

Here are our new babies.  

Pia and I with Sebastian from Rotor bikes. Our first sponsor.

Pia and I with Sebastian from Rotor bikes. Our first sponsor.

Pia and I are essentially riding with the same setup, just different choices in colour, and slightly different Brooks saddles.  We both have Rotor Comets with a 54cm frame, 26” wheels, and a Rolloff speed-hub gearing system…. But more on that later.

I will be writing a post for the equipment section in the weeks to come. For now we have too much to prepare before we leave for South America.

More on these amazing bicycles, and our experiences using them from the road.   


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