New bikes! New page! New Films! and a New mission: South America!

A lot has happened in the last months for Robohorse TV. We have been dormant as a video blogging force for a long time now.. Too busy trying to get a project off the ground, and stuck in a city, not on a bicycle... so we've had nothing bicycle journeyish to blog or make films about. That's all about to change.

Over the last year and a half Pia and I (my new partner in bicycle crime) have been pushing a pitch that we have come up with for a new series of bicycle travel films, called Remote Encounters. Our idea is to make a series of short travel films, documenting a six month journey through the Andes from Argentina to Peru in search of intersting characters to spend time with and portrait. 


After a lot of sweat, tears successes and dissapointments, we are ecstatic to convey that our project has come in to fruition. We have managed to find a bunch of awesome sponsors in the bicycle touring industry, including ROTOR Bikes who have kitted us out with two crazy pedal powered expedition vehicles, and we have entered a parternship with Babbel (a language app) who will be helping us to produce and distribute our Remote Encounters films. To top it all off we have this awesome new homepage for sharing our films and stories with you, thanks to the awesome peeps at OUTYONDER.TV  

In fact, we are already on the ground in Chile, we have been on the road for 3 weeks now, and have already had to carry our bikes over a mountain, ridden through a giant wildlife reserve without seeing people for days,  and encountered the bumpiest road ever to make contact with bicycle wheels...

But more about that in the weeks to come. Brace yourselves for more stories and bicycle films. IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK ON THE ROAD!!! 

Nicholas "Lost_Gambit" Walsh

Nicholas “Lost_Gambit” Walsh is both our key website developer and content producer with 8 years of experience playing both live and online poker. Playing mid stakes "Spin & Go"/heads up hyper SnGs, he has experienced great success hitting the highest multiplier (10000x) Spin on Pokerstars.